Andre Barth

Andre Barth has specialised in providing clients with advice relating to real estate and receivables transactions (including transaction finance, particularly collateral schemes). A further focus of his work is on restructuring non-performing real estate finance arrangements (including work-out [in particular insolvency, corporate law and coercive measures]) as well as asset management advice (in particular tenancy and brokerage law as well as structuring of in rem rights and legal relationships).


Studies in Bayreuth and Mainz (completed in 2005)

Admitted as a German lawyer in 2008

2008 to 2012: Legal Counsel at Hudson Advisors Germany GmbH, the exclusive German servicing platform of Lone Star Funds

2012 to 2014: Legal Counsel at Arminius Kapitalgesellschaft mbH (2012 – 2014), the exclusive German investment advisory company of the opportunistic Arminius Private Equity Real Estate Funds

Lawyer at KUCERA since 2014



German and English


Most recent mandates:

Sale of Boulevard Bielefeld for an international real estate investor

Structuring of a bidding procedure and sale of a bank property for a winding-up vehicle

Sale of property portfolio for Lone Star Funds

Corporate law restructuring with NPL financing for winding-up vehicle

Ongoing advice to RREEF, Kildare Funds and Arminius Funds